The world’s most effective hangover prophylactic and anti-aging (longevity) technology


BIOFIELD PEMF is the world’s most effective hangover prophylactic and anti-aging (longevity) technology.

In addition to supporting you sleep well every night, Biofield™ quickly tunes your cells to produce more energy (required for production of hormones and neurotransmitter chemicals) helping you detoxify. The synergistic effects of better sleep and supercharged detoxification will leave you hangover free, 100% of the time.

NASA studies have shown pulsed electromagnetic field frequency caused epigenetic changes in mature cells that reverted to developmental in less than 30 days. Other studies showed improved oxygen metabolism resulting in immense increases in cellular energy and enzyme production all relating to better cellular detoxification and repair. Our Biofield Mode Upregulates the mitochondrial biogenesis providing quantum epigenetic engineering at its finest.

Biofield PEMF offsets the aging markers triggered by travel fatigue, consumption of alcohol and all other epigenetic factors.

NO Jet Lag, NO hangovers, Better sleep, Better recovery and slowed down aging process.

Biofield is the world’s most advanced bioelectromagnetic hangover prophylactic and anti-aging system.


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