Why the Biofield “PEMF” Sleep Technology is Priceless

Get all the benefit of pulsed electromagnetic field “pemf devices and so much MORE…while you sleep, without the inconvenience of stopping your day for a “pemf therapy”. Our “pemf devices” improve sleep, while enhancing cells’ oxygen metabolism to help promote huge gains in cellular energy and subsequently gains in cell repair, immune function, memory consolidation, hormone production, daytime vitality and overall longevity.

Spontaneously recover from catastrophic, even old, partially healed injuries by simply going to your bed daily with your biofield “pemf device”.


Biofield “PEMF” Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Sleep System for Biohacking Healthy and Deep Sleep.

Our Biofield “PEMF devices” are designed to entrain your brain every night for better sleep and waking you up turbo charged and revitalized.

The Sleep Modes are designed to enable the user to entrain their brainwaves and correct the circadian rhythm while at the same time get deep synergistic cellular recovery and healing.

For the beginner our RECOVER-MODE makes an excellent sleep program if sleep is not too bad to begin with. RECOVER-MODE is an Excellent ‘powernap’ and used by many as their primary sleep-mode for maximum recovery, repair, strength, stamina & anti-aging.

If you did not attain sleep during initial session, you may use SLEEP WELL-MODE, or the SLEEP DEEP-MODE and you can intermittently use RECOVER MODE during power naps to try to acclimate your brainwave to it.

The ultimate goal of using Biofield “PEMF” system is sleeping and living using BIOFIELD MODE every night and day for ultimate recovery and healing.







SLEEP WELL AND SLEEP DEEP MODES are programmed for the users to personally experiment and determine the sleep quality and the program that suits him/her the best.

The SLEEP-MODE programs step “PEMF” brainwaves down to Delta-rhythm, through the stages of natural sleep throughout the night and even step up to low-Beta-rhythm in the morning to help you wake-up.

Which means once your brain and body are acclimated to the frequencies of Biofield “pemf device”, you need not use alarm anymore to wake you up, Biofield will do that for you. Using daily alarm to wake up will be the thing of your past life. 

Biofield “PEMF” brainwave programs not only tune your brain to fall sleep soon as you go to your bed, but they also wake you up in the morning when the set timer for your sleeping hours is DONE. 


The sleep modes with Biofield “PEMF” pulsed electromagnetic sleep system tune’s brain and body toward deeper, more recuperative sleep.

Our Biofield “PEMF devices” additionally tune body’s cells for vastly improved systemic energy production. The synergistic effects of better sleep and improved energy production from use of our biomagnetic sleep system will have you feeling a decade or two younger in 90-days or return it for full refund.

Biofield “PEMF” is far more than a sleep machine; it’s the ultimate “PEMF” pulsed electromagnetic sleep, recovery, performance enhancement & anti-aging system.



Biofield “PEMF devices” for Insomnia

Our sleep technology employs “PEMF” Pulsed Electromagnetic Field and is the most efficient and cost-effective way to enhance both sleep onset and deep sleep (while improving nighttime recovery and daytime performance) guaranteed. There is no comparison between our electromagnetic sleep system and any other “PEMF device”, transcutaneous direct current stimulation tDCS, or static magnetic pads.




Benefits of Using Biofield for Sleep & Recovery

Vastly Improved Sleep

Healthier Endocrine System

Enhanced Mood

Enhanced Mobility

Accelerated recovery

Slowed natural aging process 

Improved mental focus 

Shortened reaction time

Enhanced hand-eye-motor coordination

Sharpened spacial orientation

Improved task performance, speed and accuracy

Arrested Age Related Vision Loss

Increased flexibility 

Enhanced peak strength

Enhanced stamina



Bioelectromagnetic Sleep system for Anti-Aging

The Biofield “PEMF” sleep system is the world’s first age-reversal system. By tuning cells to promote better oxygen metabolism, one creates a robust environment where physical body and the mind thrive. So much so that cells revert from mature to developmental. READ MORE



“PEMF” for Mood Enhancement

In addition to helping you sleep, Biofield “PEMF” quickly tune cells to produce more energy with less oxidative waste, thereby enhancing natural cellular detox. This excess energy enhances production of hormones and neurotransmitter chemicals. These synergistic effects elevate mood. READ MORE



The Most Effective Jetlag and Hang-over Prophylactic on Earth

No Jet lag…No Hangovers…Better sleep guaranteed. In addition to helping you sleep, Biofield “PEMF” quickly tunes your cells to produce more energy (required for the production of hormones and neurotransmitter chemicals) and helps detoxify. These synergistic effects will elevate your mood and wake you up clear headed ready for the day or your next flight. READ MORE

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