BIOFIELD PEMF One-Electomagnet System is powered by 100v – 240v compatible 12 volt DC power supply with reduced EMF and RF.

With our 90 Days results based warranty, try our systems Risk Free.

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BIOFIELD PEMF ONE-ELECTROMAGNET System offers full body coverage and more power for local application when required. Our Continuous R&D to develop the most powerful portable PEMF systems in the world allows us to consistently deliver better products. With our 90 Days results based warranty, try our systems Risk Free.

Includes in your clear padded case:

ONE-MAG Controller Unit (with one output jack)
SINGLE Electromagnet
One 100-240 volt AC to 12 volt DC Power Supply that will reduce EMF and RF
3 pin adapters for all regions.

Includes features:

Software controlled amplitude; from 10% – 100% to help acclimation for EMF sensitive people;

  • 6 Algorithmic Programs including the Manual-Frequency Mode for choosing one frequency for up to 12 hours;
  • Addition of 1-hour buffer at 14.4 Hz on all H&D Sleep-Modes, Revital and Manual-Mode to help you wake more effectively without sleeping through shut-down;
  • L-shaped cable tips for easier transportability and longer plug life.
  • 1 x 1100 Gauss nano-second peak magnetic field intensity

6 Algorithmic Programs: Frequency range under 14.4 Hz

REVITAL MODE – (REVITALIZE) MODE – Up to 12 hours 9.6 Hz with wake up phase and 1 extra hour Alert 14.4 Hz buffer whether set for 8 hours or 12 hours. Perfect for power naps;
H-SLEEP-MODE  – (HEALTHY SLEEP) MODE –  9.6 Hz stepping down to 1 Hz over 45 minutes (when set for 8 hours) then back to 5 Hz stepping down to 1 Hz – back to 5 Hz for a total of 4 cycles then wake up phase and 1 hour 14.4 Hz buffer to nag user to wake;
D-SLEEP-MODE  – (DEEP-SLEEP) MODE –  1 Hz start to finish; plus 1 hour 14.4 Hz wake up phase;

AWAKE-MODE – 12 Hz to 14.4 Hz back down to 12 Hz for up to 12 hours
MANUAL-FREQUENCY-MODE – Set for 1/2 Hz – 14.4 Hz for up to 12 hours with an additional 1 hour 14.4 Hz buffer to help you wake when used for sleep;

SCHUMANN MODE – The base atmospheric electromagnetic resonant frequency of 7.83 Hz. Can be used for Sleep, relaxation and meditation.


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