Biofield Portable PEMF Therapy Devices

Biofield “PEMF devices” are the most powerful wellbeing, biohacking and brainwave entrainment systems with proven benefits.





Available since 2006, Biofield allows you to turn a quilt into a padded “PEMF” Mat OR transform your bed into a Pulsed electromagnetic system to biohack sleep, performance enhancement and slow down the ageing simply by going to your existing bed.





Biofield “PEMF” portable systems are light weight and compact enough to travel in a handbag. Perfect for sleeping at home or powernaps at work or anywhere else.

Biofield Portables are easy to use at your desk / study for enhanced focus, to act as the protection from harmful radiations from computers or WiFI and to prevent or heal your back pain.


Biofield portable “PEMF devices” are well-designed to be used effortlessly in the bed or comfort of your sofa, on the move in your car, an office chair or just about anywhere, anytime.




The only difference between both Biofield Portable “PEMF devices” is ELECTROMAGNETS.

The dual electromagnets system gives double biomagnetic field coverage to your body.



The Program controller is same for both and comes with:

9 Algorithmic Programs: and the Frequency range is under 15 Hz, as our portable Pulsed electromagnetic field systems are designed to be utilized for up to 12 hours. They are developed to be used as Bioelectromagnetic ‘living’ systems NOT ONLY AS “PEMF Therapy”.






















The patented program modes in our portable systems allow up to 13 hours continuous application plus the MODULAR CROSS-POLARITY ELECTROMAGNET gives you an unusually wide variety of creative methods and techniques that lend themselves well to just about any practices or experimental use.





Biofield “PEMF Therapy Devices” are a low cost but extremely powerful machines that is designed to use all night long while one is sleeping or during the daytime while awake.

Unlike more expensive pulsed electromagnetic field systems, these long nightly sessions are where the magic of the Biofield occurs. Biofield has numerous reports of waking saturated blood oxygen increasing levels by 5% in just a few days.

Biofield allows magnetic field supplementation through footwear, clothing, or at nighttime through your mattress or pillow. 



Our Biofield ’24/7′ “PEMF” ‘living’ system is beyond “PEMF Therapy”, it is the world’s only pulsed electromagnetic “field immersion” technology.

Biofield is the world’s only “24/7” operating Pulsed electromagnetic field system designed and developed to precisely mimic the earth’s natural biorhythmic field frequency transforming your space in to a self-healing infrasonic cocoon. 

Biofield ’24/7′ “PEMF” system requires No setting up or programming unlike our portable systems. Simply TURN-ON once and it work’s ’24/7- 365 days non-stop for years.


I’ve been feeling very good. I wake up every morning as the sun rises and getting about six hours of sleep and feel very rested.

James - USA

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