Program Modes for full function Biofield PEMF system

Mode Manual (these specific modes run that frequency entire timer setting until Wake Up Function starts), Mode Schumann @ 7.83 Hz, D-SLEEP (Deep Sleep), H-SLEEP (Healthy-Sleep), REVITALIZE Mode, AWAKE Mode.


REVITAL MODE makes an excellent sleep program if sleep is not too bad to begin with. If you did not attain sleep during initial session use H-SLEEP or D-SLEEP and intermittently use REVITAL during power naps to try to acclimate brain to it. The goal of using BioField system is sleeping in either REVITAL-Mode or 9.6 Hz every night. REVITAL-Mode is an Excellent ‘power-nap’ and used by many as their primary sleep-mode for maximum recovery, repair, strength, stamina & anti-aging.

alert mode pemf


AWAKE-MODE: (LOW-BETA) reduces physical and mental fatigue; use for recovery issues w/out causing drowsiness; used at work desk to reduce neck and shoulder or back fatigue without causing drowsiness.

schumann mode galaxy


The base atmospheric electromagnetic resonant frequency of 7.83 Hz. Can be used for Sleep, relaxation and meditation.

sleep mode pemf

D-SLEEP (Deep Sleep) and H-SLEEP (Healthy Sleep-MODES:

The Sleep Modes are designed to enable the user to entrain their brain and correct the circadian rhythm while at the same time get deep synergistic cellular healing.


REVITAL MODE makes an excellent sleep program if sleep is not too bad to begin with. If you did not attain sleep during initial session use H-Sleep or D-Sleep and intermittently use REVITAL during power naps to try to acclimate brain to it. The goal of using BioField system is sleeping in either REVITAL-Mode or 9.6 Hz every night.

Only in-case you did not achieve desired sleep in REVITAL or MANUAL 9.6Hz you should try one of the SLEEP-MODES.

H-SLEEP and D-SLEEP -MODES are programmed for the users to personally experiment and determine the SLEEP-MODE that suits him/her the best.

Turn any bed into the world’s only pulsed electromagnetic system

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earthpulse pemf manual mode


The Manual Mode Program is capable of delivering the entire range of beneficial Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields – 0.5 Hz – 14.4 Hz for up to 12 hours.

With the Manual Mode Program you are free to experiment sleeping / recovering / meditating / studying etc. while tuning yourself to any one particular frequency.

It may be one of the Schumann peaks at 1.5 Hz (1.2 Hz?) or 2.5 Hz (2.4 Hz?) or 7.8 Hz; or 9.6 Hz or 10 Hz (or any choice in between .5 and 14.4 Hz). At end of set timer, the frequency shifts to 14.4 Hz to help awaken. The 1 hour 14.4 Hz buffer effectively becomes the wake up part of program.

For feeling ALERT use 12 – 14.4 Hz.

We find 2.4 Hz, 4.8 Hz and 9.6 Hz particularly good at recovering during the night and rarely ends up sleeping a full 8 hours without waking on his own long before the timer runs to wake up phase.

Relax, Sleep or Be Awake. Take control of your State of Mind. Take control of your life.

Brainwaves play an essential role in our daily well-being.

Every Single thing in existence has it’s own resonant frequency, non-living or alive. Your body and brain are highly electromagnetic in nature and is known to be the most sensitive antenna that receives and broadcasts information, henceforth your brain picks up the frequencies from anything and everything. In today’s world, we are living in an environment surrounded with extremely dense field of alternative electromagnetic frequencies that disrupt and disorient our brainwaves and our body’s natural resonant frequencies resulting in difficulty to focus or perform various daily tasks, it could be due to feeling tired, fatigued or foggy, and that is because of you experiencing excessive number of alternative frequencies from your environment so your brain is unable to focus and synchronize with the state of mind you would want to be in.


In order to perform a task with focus, your brainwave frequency must be in tune with the task at hand. For example manually tuning your brainwave into a specific hertz frequency (delta) for deep sleep or beta while awake gives you a significant control over your state of mind. Your brain is able to focus better on performing tasks while it is operating on beta brainwave frequencies, and while you are in a state of relaxation it functions on Theta or Alpha waves.

When your brainwave frequency is not in sync with the tasks that needs to be performed, be it relaxing, sleeping or working, you are unable to attain the results due to brainwave disorientation. Our brainwave entrainment system helps you to tune into the desired brainwave frequency anytime, anywhere resulting in better state of being.

Biofield pulsed electromagnetic device allows you to “tune into” a specific brainwave frequency and significantly secure the brainwave disruption or disorientation caused by other frequencies present in your environmental field, resulting in healthier management of your brainwaves and providing unparalleled results to any other pulsed electromagnetic brainwave entrainment system ever developed. In the present times an pulsed electromagnetic brainwave entrainment system is a life necessity, not an option.


The human brain has been studied to operate at following Brain Wave Rhythms:

1 – 3 Hz = Delta rhythm

3 – 7 Hz = Theta rhythm

7 – 12 Hz = Alpha rhythm

12 – 14.4 Hz = (Low) Beta rhythm

15 Hz – 20 Hz = Mid to High-Beta & Gamma rhythm

1 – 3 Hz = Delta rhythm:

Associated with deep, rejuvenating sleep; respiration, heart-rate and brain activity slow thereby conserving energy that can be sequestered for repair, hormone synthesis, memory consolidation and immune function.

3 – 7 Hz = Theta rhythm:

Associated with lucid dreaming, sleep and other mental states where the mind is wandering; like dreaming, day-dreaming and imagination. Theta irregularity has been linked to several neurological disease states including; Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, Parkinson’s, MS, ADD, ADHD, schizophrenia, migraine, cluster and other headache symptoms.

7 – 12 Hz = Alpha rhythm:

Associated with relaxed, calm, and meditative state. Alpha rhythms also occur during sleep, particularly while falling asleep and again in morning prior to waking. Associated with thought process and heightened learning.

12 – 14.1 Hz = (Low) Beta rhythm:

12 Hz – 14.4 Hz, are “normal” waking rhythm and occur during concentration. Associated with alert, active thought-processing state with no stress. Frequencies above low-Beta (15 Hz) occur when excited or fearful.

15 Hz – 20 Hz Mid to High-Beta & Gamma rhythm:

>15 Hz Mid-Beta and then >20Hz High Beta with “Fight or Flight Response” and stress hormone production.

Unlike all other systems in this “field”, the BioFiled  entire frequency range is under 14.4 Hz and emphasizes known natural magnetic fields by spending double time on Schumann peaks.

Exposure to frequencies of 15 Hz and higher have been shown in Dozens of Animal Studies to cause negative behavioral modification; over 20 Hz causes stress hormone production.

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