Congratulations on discovering Biofield “PEMF devices for home use”. Our Bioelectromagnetic System applications go beyond “PEMF Therapy”

Biofield portable “PEMF devices” are well-designed to be used effortlessly in the bed or comfort of your sofa, on the move in your car, an office chair or just about anywhere, anytime.

Biofield “PEMF Therapy Devices” are a low cost but extremely powerful machines that is designed to use all night long while one is sleeping or during the daytime while awake.

Unlike more expensive pulsed electromagnetic field systems, these long nightly sessions are where the magic of the Biofield occurs. Biofield has numerous reports of waking saturated blood oxygen increasing levels by 5% in just a few days.

Biofield allows magnetic field supplementation through footwear, clothing, or at nighttime through your mattress or pillow. 

You can be rest assured the benefits of our Biofield “PEMF devices” / systems will exceed your expectations over time and outweigh your investment in it. We welcome you to join our Biofield “PEMF” User Community across the planet. Together we are smarter, stronger and happier.

Welcome the new way of living, sleeping and aging on earth.

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