Enter a new way of living, sleeping, performing, aging and experiencing life.
Would you like to wake up full of energy, feeling younger and more fit every day?

Biofield PEMF system is for you.

A Quick Audio on understanding the Benefits of Biofield PEMF systems!
About three and half minutes

Biofield is the next frontier of human potential, performance and intelligence. The power of electromagnetic wellbeing.

PEMF” for Sleep, Recovery & Wellbeing
Biofield “PEMF” allows all-night-long exposure to pure pulsating magnetic fields at the optimal
frequency range tune-down your brainwave for better sleep while improving nighttime recovery
and tune-up your mitochondria for improved daytime performance.

“PEMF” Fitness & Sports Performance Enhancement
Biofield “PEMF” increases strength by 10% and stamina by 20% within the first 7 – 10 days.
Changes include an improvement in strength to weight ratio, speed, quickness, hand-eye-motor
coordination, mental focus and significantly accelerates short- and long-term recovery

“PEMF” for Longevity (anti-aging)
Biofield “PEMF” represents nothing less than a breakthrough in the science of mitochondrial
support and anti-ageing. It reverses symptoms of aging, and the NASA research points to
potential reversal of aging markers all the way down to the DNA level.

Biofield “PEMF” for Sexual Performance Enhancement
Biofield “PEMF” supports youthful systemic endocrine function while helping body restore blood
flow to those body parts that rely on extra blood circulation at all the right times! Feel the love

Biofield “PEMF” is the world’s ultimate Radiation Protection and Brainwave Security
Biofield “PEMF” (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) reduces the production of oxidative electrons due
to the metabolism of oxygen during oxidative phosphorylation. It mitigates the oxidative effects of
the EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation). It provides a strong interruptive signal to the room, and it
provides more benefit in regard to avoiding oxidative mechanisms caused by EMR. Protection from
Radio Frequency Radiations is a life necessity, not an option.

Biofield “PEMF” The Most Effective Jetlag and Hang-over Prophylactic on Earth.
No Jet lag…No Hangovers…Better sleep and recovery guaranteed. In addition to helping you sleep,
Biofield “PEMF” quickly tunes your cells to produce more energy (required for the production of
hormones and neurotransmitter chemicals) and helps detoxify. These synergistic effects will
elevate your mood and wake you up clear headed ready for the day.

Biofield PEMF will enhance your Sleep & Performance, Guaranteed. 

Go to sleep and start fresh. Sleep solves everything!

You’ll feel the difference and notice the benefits within few nights of using Biofield PEMF regularly

  • Vastly Improved Sleep
  • Promotes Relaxation
  • Makes you more resilient life Stress
  • Enhanced Mood
  • Improved mental focus, mood and motivation
  • Improved task performance, speed and accuracy
  • Accelerated recovery
  • Enhanced Mobility
  • Increased flexibility
  • Slowed natural aging process
  • Shortened reaction time
  • Enhanced hand-eye-motor coordination
  • Sharpened spacial orientation
  • Enhanced peak strength
  • Enhanced stamina
  • Healthier Endocrine System
  • Arrested Age Related Vision Loss

All of this and more…
simply by going to your own bed,
isn’t it fantastic?


  • Sharpens hand-eye / balance / motor synchronization
  • Helps support connective and muscle tissue
  • Enhanced aerobic recovery immediately after high-intensity effort
  • Easier breathing during high-intensity sport
  • Virtual Elimination of Workout Induced Muscle Soreness
    you won’t get sore to begin with no matter how hard you
  • Enhanced peak strength
    An average of 10% in 7 days; up to an additional 10% over 90 days for all users,
  • Enhanced stamina
    An average of 20% in 7 days; up to an additional 20% over 90 days for all users,

Is it time to upgrade the reality of your wellbeing?
biof is a lifesstyle necessity, not an option

Biofield PEMF device works by tuning your cells to produce more organic energy by maintaining high cellular voltage simply going to your bed daily or using it during the daytime at work or by just lounging comfortably on your sofa with biofield

Who Are Our Users Worldwide

  • Everyone who consider their health and wellbeing a priority and necessity
  • Individuals with stress or lifestyles that affect their sleep quality or those addicted to cellphone use prior to sleep
  • Difficulty in sleeping or Insomnia Patients: Those who have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep
  • Elderly: Older adults who experience changes in sleep patterns
  • Athletes: For faster recovery from injuries and strenuous workouts
  • Post-Surgery Patients: To speed up the healing process post-operation
  • Chronic Pain Sufferers: Individuals with conditions like arthritis or fibromyalgia, or any other recurring aches and pains that come through strain or age
  • Professionals: Individuals in high-stress or high-performance jobs who need to maintain peak mental and physical performance
  • EMF Sensitivity: People who experience sensitivity or discomfort due to exposure to electromagnetic fields
  • Everyone concerned about the potential health impacts of prolonged EMF exposure
  • High-Stress Individuals: People with high-stress jobs or lifestyles
  • Anxiety Sufferers: Individuals who experience frequent or chronic anxiety
  • Anyone looking to improve their mental well-being and reduce stress

Practical Applications

  • Home Use: Individuals can use Biofield PEMF systems at home to improve sleep quality
  • Clinical Settings: Healthcare providers may offer this as a part of a comprehensive sleep therapy program, or use their own offices as a wellness cocoon by administering Biofield PEMF on-site
  • Sports Medicine: Can be integrated into sports medicine practices for athlete recovery
  • Rehabilitation Centers: Useful for patients in recovery from surgeries or injuries
  • Portable devices are available for individual use at home for ongoing therapy, to use as a supplement and aid daily and nightly charge and recovery
  • Daily Use: Individuals can integrate Biofield PEMF devices into their daily routine for continuous EMF protection
  • Workplace Protection: Employers may consider incorporating EMF protection as part of workplace wellness initiatives
  • Home Use: Portable devices provide convenient EMF protection for use in various living spaces
  • Workplace Wellness Programs: Can be integrated into workplace wellness programs to help employees manage stress
  • Mental Health Clinics: Useful as a supplementary treatment in mental health clinics


  • Non-Invasive: the biofrequency system is non-invasive, meaning no chemical pills, supplements, no surgical procedures or injections are involved
  • Drug-Free: It offers a drug-free alternative to traditional sleep medications, reducing the risk of dependency and side effects
  • Holistic Health: The approach is holistic, aiming to improve overall well-being along with sleep quality

Scientific Studies

  • Studies have shown that electromagnetic fields can improve nighttime sleep and reduce daytime sleepiness. This is particularly beneficial for individuals suffering from sleep disorders like insomnia or nocturia

Benefits of Biofield PEMF
for Faster Recovery Mechanism

Benefits of Biofield PEMF
for Relaxation and Stress Reduction Mechanism