How to go about treating Chronic Pain management and
Tissue Regeneration with PEMF?

A PEMF device functions as an external generating source that provides the magnetic field needed for the expansion and contraction of cells. This enables the cells to circulate
nutrients better, move blood-oxygen through cells, and helps cells to detoxify. Additionally, the Magnetic Field might help the cells to re-charge themselves.
Concerning chronic pain reduction, PEMF can be used as an electrotherapeutic. It improves blood circulation, not by increasing blood pressure or heartbeat, but by optimizing the energy of the very cells in the capillaries and arteries. Improved circulation also alleviates pain by reducing edema (swelling), regenerating diseased and damaged
tissue, and repairing fractured and torn bones and tendons.

The body’s natural magnetic field is formed through the transmission of electric impulses through cell membranes and the flow of electrically charged ions in and out of cells.

Pulsed magnetic therapy research reveals PEMF promotes various healing mechanisms, and has been found to promote bone tissue regeneration (even where bone non-union exists), connective tissue regeneration, wound tissue regeneration (even where chronic wounds exist), nerve tissue regeneration with no reported expected or unexpected adverse reactions.

PEMF therapy is a powerful healing technology for nearly any condition as well as chronic pain & tissue regeneration.

Extensive Pulsed Electromagnetic Field research shows that PEMF therapy enables bone &
connective tissue regeneration by enhancing growth & shortening rehabilitation. Pulsed
electromagnetic field therapy for bone stimulation & connective tissue regeneration is one
of PEMF’s first approved uses. PEMF has been repeatedly shown to reverse the
degenerative effects of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis. Pulsed
electromagnetic field therapy research has proven beyond any reasonable doubt that
PEMF is safe and effective for these uses.