Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy for Cancer – Frequency Specific PEMF for treating Cancer Cells

Belief that many disease states including cancer are at least partially attributable to mitochondrial dysfunction, oxygen deficiency or hypoxia was supported by eminent scientists of a long-gone, more rational era of medicine including Albert Szent-GyorgyiOtto WarburgEmmanuel Revici and Linus Pauling.

Nearly 80 years after Otto Warburg first proposed cancer was caused by mitochondrial dysfunction (conveniently discarded by allopathic medicine), more recent research from Karolinska Institutet in SwedenBoston College and Washington University School of Medicine has thoroughly revived his theory.

Our MoreATP theory hit’s the nail squarely on the head raising cell energy & blood and tissue oxygen simultaneously.

In contrast to healthy cells, which generate energy by oxidative breakdown of a simple acid within the mitochondria, tumors and cancer cells generate energy through the non-oxidative breakdown of glucose, a process called glycolysis (sugar splitting). Indeed, glycolysis is the biochemical hallmark of most, if not all, types of cancers. Because of this difference between healthy cells and cancer cells, Otto Warburg argued, cancer should be interpreted as a type of mitochondrial disease. (Boston College press office). Further, deep sleep has been identified as a leading tool in cancer survival.

We DO NOT IN ANY WAY infer our device is to be used to treat cancer. We caution you however, no other PEMF device in the world adheres to this extremely narrow frequency range below 15 Hz in every single frequency MODE. We have since inception in May 2001.

According to Haltiwanger that the relationship between cancer and pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) is primarily based upon frequency. Direct current (DC), infrasonic (subsonic) extremely-low-frequency (ELF below 14 Hz) pulsed electro magnetic fields are completely safe. 10 Hz is especially useful at energizing the cells to fight cancer. BIOFIELD™ is the only full function PEMF system that adheres to this narrow frequency range.

Fields closer to power frequency (50-60 Hz AC) or higher, and down to about 20 Hz appear to increase cancer growth.  Notice on bottom of page 23 Haltiwanger discusses frequency specificity. Keep in mind Haltiwanger says 10 Hz is anti-cancer frequency while anything above 10 Hz is pro-cancer and this is just not so. We judge the cut-off at 15 Hz and is why our system has always been limited to second Schumann peak at 14.1 Hz at highest frequency.

Dozens of animal studies show 15 Hz causes negative behavioral modification: 20 Hz and above cause stress hormone production. We limit our frequency range to 14.1 Hz and below, because stress hormones and negative behavioral modification are pro-cancer.

Oxygen metabolism is a good indicator of overall mitochondrial efficiency whether elderly and sick, or young and in peak physical condition. Improved oxygen metabolism results in reduced levels of oxidative electrons. Just like tuning an automobile, power and mileage go up and emissions go down. It is expected every one of our clients’ saturated blood and tissue oxygen rise. Where depressed we’ve seen it rise 6% in 3 days and this is expected. In world class athletes where 99 or 100% SAO2 already, our static breath hold tests still show 20% increase. But, testing them under-load (underwater swim) distance increases by 50%!

Effect of diet and lifestyle changes accelerate with BIOFIELD™

Mitochondrial by-product are called free radicals (oxidative electrons / reactive oxygen species). If not scavenged effectively by antioxidants over time these free-radicals cause inflammation which prove deadly to the mitochondria, the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) and subsequently the cell.

Inflammatory processes have been implicated as initiators or contributors to chronic diseases and conditions of aging including cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, insulin resistance and diabetes. Where and how this tendency towards pro-inflammatory state in older persons originates is not known. However one hypothesis is that excessive production of reactive oxygen species in the mitochondria may be the underlying cause of increased pro-inflammatory response observed in old age. (NIA / NIH Inflammation and Aging Workshop).

The Eastern European research showed pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) to possess strong anti-inflammatory effects, especially at 10 Hz. Controlling inflammation becomes a key factor in maintaining mitochondrial integrity over a life-time of modern life stressors like EMF pollution, chemical toxins and psychological stress.

Stress has been linked directly to inflammation and cancer as well as poor sleep. Stress is a trigger that can cause a lot of damage to body over time. BIOFIELD™ “tunes” you down, subsequently reducing stress.

Without adequate amounts of deep-sleep the body simply can’t recover from normal wear and tear, maintain healthy immune system or protect itself from colds and flu virus. Deep-sleep is REQUIRED as only during deep, slow-wave, Delta-rhythm sleep do body systems shut down sufficiently allowing body to sequester its ATP for immune function, repair, regeneration and hormone synthesis.

Our clients have always reported FAR less colds and flu.

Even during lighter stages of sleep, a majority of cellular energy is still expended to maintain body and cell integrity, rather than repair/regeneration/endocrine synthesis. While awake nearly all ATP is required to sustain the body. The mitochondria NEVER sleep. Only during deep, slow-wave  (Delta-rhythm) sleep is the largest ATP-pool available for repair and immunity.

Contemporary research definitively links poor sleep to obesity, heart disease, stroke, diabetes (just 3 days with no delta stage sleep resulted in pre-diabetic blood sugar levels), chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, reduced immune response, decreased cancer survival and poor performance at work, school and sports.

The short and long-term result of poor quality sleep is mitochondrial dysfunction  that can manifest over time in any number of disease states. Power frequency (50-60 Hz AC) electric and radiofrequency (RF) telecommunication fields, nutritional deficiency and environmental toxins directly affect and further exacerbate both poor sleep and mitochondrial dysfunction; mitochondrial dysfunction also affects neuronal performance.

The infrasonic (under 14.1 Hz) BIOFIELD™ field acts particularly well as a disruptive field to help mitigate the negative effect of both power and radio frequency magnetic fields. Particularly our stepping up and down TUNE UP-MODE that keeps you entrained to Low-Beta and lower frequency Rhythm.

You’ll have 90 days to try BIOFIELD™ risk free.

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