Erase Jet lag and Hangover using BioField ™ PEMF


No jet lag and hangover- better sleep guarantee

Our unique, patented, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) systems fine-tune the mitochondria system-wide while enhancing sleep and recovery. When the mitochondria in the brain are metabolizing oxygen at full capacity, there are fewer oxidative electrons requiring detoxification and anti-oxidant supplements. Cell membrane potential in neural cells is upregulated for faster nerve conduction. BioField ™  detoxifies the body so well; it is the only foolproof hangover prophylactic ever discovered.

If we can keep bad alcohol from giving you a hangover due to enhanced cellular detoxification and cellular recovery, then imagine what else we can do. We still don’t know how we erase Jetlag for most people other than Brainwave Entrainment, which for sure is what helps you sleep.

Since 2002 our guarantee has always been either BioField ™  works as you expect it will or return it.

In addition to helping you sleep, BioField ™ quickly tunes your cells to produce more energy (required for the production of hormones and neurotransmitter chemicals) and helps detoxify. No Jet lag, No Hangovers and Better Sleep Guaranteed.

Most professional and collegiate athletes have schedules that aren’t conducive to good quality sleep, not to mention more of it. Flying across time zones all over the country, or even internationally, and then playing the next day with jet-lag and circadian rhythm disruption leaves no question as to why most athletes have trouble obtaining a sufficient amount of good quality sleep to guarantee peak athletic performance.

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