Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s before purchase

  1. Is the BIOFIELD PEMF™ portable?

Yes. The BIOFIELD PEMF™ can be battery operated. Recommended batteries are sold by another company known as Voltaic Systems. They can be ordered from here. You can also use our portable systems by plugging into your car dashboard power supply by just purchasing a compatible car plug converter.

It comes with a charger to charge the battery. It has an additional option of charging the battery with a solar panel which you must purchase separately.

Also note that you must use the battery only in 12 volts setting otherwise the waveforms will deteriorate immediately.

  1. How to use an external battery for portable, off the grid applications?”

We suggest this 12 volt battery from Voltaic (not sold here) OR similar specs battery for transportable, off the grid applications.

Voltaic sells rugged solar recharging systems for the battery so you’ve even got your BIOFIELD during long power outages or for full off the grid use.

Fully charged battery will run full power with 2 magnets on a splitter for 10 hours at 12 volts setting.

Recharges from mains power in about an hour. We keep our battery plugged into the wall charging and powering the EP to avoid shut-downs due to frequent night-time power outages in some parts of the world.

Once a week to extend life of battery, unplug the battery charger and run the EP all night from the battery to fully drain it. Then plug back into recharge.

DO NOT use 16 and 19 volts setting on battery. Wave form WILL break down at greater than 12 volts. We know which parts burn out from too high voltage input; this will void your free service warranty.

  1. How is having 6 electromagnets (HOME SYSTEM) better than 1 or 2 electromagnets portable system?

The Home system designed to operate 24/7 for years without shutting off, comes with only 2 program modes, Revitalize MODE and Awake MODE and comes 6 electromagnets with 5 Meter Cables that allows you to move your electromagnets across the entire room, wherever you may need, could be utilized in bedroom for sleep and as well in living room or lounge.

HOME system can be shared between couple, and kids or pets and as well up to six people. You can either use 1, 2 or 3 electromagnets per person will give you sufficient coverage. However, we don’t recommend using more than three electromagnets per person. You can always perform your own creative experimental use and do as you feel better. Each one of us are different and our bodies have different biomagnetic field requirements.

Each electromagnet produces a field of 3ft radius on top of the electromagnet. Having the six-electromagnet system would allow sufficient coverage for two or more sharing the space.

Upto Three electromagnets under you and the other three electromagnets under your partner if only two persons are using.

Biofield 1 and 2 Magnet systems come 6 program modes. Biofield Portable 1 & 2 Magnet systems allow to set the controllers according to your individual preference and also you will be able to go to sleep at different times as well. It comes handy if you are travelling; he/she may carry his/her Controller and Electromagnets anywhere.

  1. How are having 2 electromagnets (Dual Mag) better than single magnet (Single Mag) system?

Two electromagnets allow for better full body coverage, as well as amplify the experience 2x.

You can place the electromagnets under the mattress vertically, one under the pillow and the other under the hip.

If two people are using the system, the magnets can be placed on either side of the bed or in the center line in vertical position.

Another use case of having two electromagnets over one is that one electromagnet can be used with the outer ring on for localized application to specific area like the knees for instance and the other electromagnet can be used sleep-configured or without the outer ring for full body coverage. This allows local application and full body benefit at the same time.

  1. Does the BIOFIELD PEMF™ work with thick mattresses?

The Biofield systems are effective with mattresses up to 16 inches thick.

  1. Can I get a loan or make payments in instalments?

While we do not offer easy monthly instalment facilities or loans.

  1. What is gauss?

The intensity of the magnetic field is often measured in gauss (G) We know that 1/10th gauss is adequate for promoting healing of most issues during long duration, nightly use, higher field amplitude for an hour or more per day preferable in some condition.

The Pulsed Magnetic field degrades by approximately 50% per inch (the inverse square law say intensity = 60/distance2)

Field intensity at the surface of coil at full amplitude is as follows.

For air core: 100 gauss across the square wave with 130 Gauss millisecond peak

For sleep configured magnet: 650 gauss across the square wave with 950 gauss microsecond peak. Adding an additional magnet to the single magnet system with a splitter will lower the reading since you are drawing power to both the magnets from the same output jack, it will have 30% less power per magnet.

For recover configured magnet i.e. w/cross polarity ring: 750 gauss across the square wave with 1100 gauss millisecond peak

  1. Can I adjust the field strength on my BIOFIELD PEMF™ device?

The field strength can be adjusted using the amplitude controls. Amplitude can be increased from 10 – 100% in the systems.

  1. Can I use two BIOFIELD PEMF™ systems on me at the same time?

We will not recommend that as it will be impossible to sync up the beats of the two systems.

  1. Can I use the BIOFIELD PEMF™ with a Pacemaker?

Please do not to bring the magnet within 12 inches of the Pacemaker. Place the magnet away from your chest.

  1. What is the frequency range of the BIOFIELD PEMF™?

The frequency range is from 1 Hz to 14.4 Hz. We never use frequencies over 14.4 Hz (one of the Schumann frequencies). All our frequencies are well below stress threshold.

  1. What waveform is generated by the BIOFIELD PEMF™?

BIOFIELD PEMF™ generates DC Pulsed square wave form.

  1. Can one BIOFIELD PEMF™ work on two people?

Each magnet produces a field of 3ft radius on top of the magnet. Sharing the single magnet system would be mean that you both will have to sleep shoulder to shoulder and hip to hip or like spoons to get maximum benefits. The two magnet Pro systems can also be shared between two people sharing the same bed. The two magnets can be placed on either side of the bed. One magnet under you and the other magnet under your partner. But since you are sharing the same controller, you both will have to use the same frequency/ sleep program. Since both the magnets are powered by one controller, you won’t be able to program each magnet differently. We tend to think that two controllers is superior to sharing one controller between two people because this will allow the both of you to set the controllers according to your individual preference and also you both will be able to go to sleep at different times as well.

  1. Can I add an additional magnet to my single magnet system?

You can add an additional magnet to the single magnet system with a splitter but since you are drawing power to both the magnets from the same output jack, it will have 30% less power per magnet. We Recommend you to either use a 1 magnet or 2 magnet system. Try to avoid the splitter if you can.

  1. Where should I place the magnets?

Magnets are best placed under the mattress as it ensures uniform distribution of field covering your whole body from head to toe. Lying directly over the center line of the magnet ensures maximum benefits. Each magnet produces a field of 3ft radius on top of the mattress.

  1. Can I use the BIOFIELD PEMF™ with a Tempur-Pedic memory foam mattress?


  1. Can I use the BIOFIELD PEMF™ with a steel bed or metallic frame?

Yes. No problems here.

  1. Can I use two BIOFIELD PEMF™ systems on the same bed?

There won’t be any issues using two different BIOFIELD PEMF™ devices on the same bed. One system with magnets placed on your side of the mattress and the other system with the magnets under your partner. This will allow you to set the controllers to a frequency/ sleep mode of your individual choices.

  1. Can I use the BIOFIELD PEMF™ during pregnancy?

We don’t recommend using the BIOFIELD PEMF™ during Pregnancy. From the user manual – We cannot recommend BIOFIELD PEMF™™ until it has been proven safe and beneficial for the unborn child. It could affect gestation period and or size of baby. Please don’t take a chance with night-time use. An hour or two power-naps per day through a pillow to head is advisable to help support neuroendocrine function and neurotransmission.

  1. Can I use the BIOFIELD PEMF™ with implants?

Metallic implants are okay. If it’s an electronic implant, then don’t bring the magnet within 12 inches of the implant. Knee implant would anchor better if the screws were some ferromagnetic metals like stainless steel. If the stent was stainless steel, that would be problematic but only where it was close enough to actually vibrate the object.

  1. What is the difference between an EMF and PEMF device?

EMF is totally different from PEMF. BIOFIELD PEMF™ is a PEMF device. All our versions are PEMF devices. The BIOFIELD PEMF™ is the only PEMF device on earth that you can use all night for sleep. BIOFIELD PEMF™, besides providing the user remarkably improved sleep, is a way to electronically “tune” mitochondria while it entrains the brain toward deeper sleep. A truly holistic approach, addressing overall health at a sub-cellular – mitochondrial level. Magda Havas, PhD; Rapid Aging Syndrome differentiates harmful electromagnetic field pollution and therapeutic pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (EMF vs. PEMF). One of the best cautionary summaries on dangers of EMF and benefits of PEMF. Here is the link:

Biofield mimics Mother Nature (at slightly higher amplitude) giving you what could be termed geomagnetic field vitamins that were supplied by Mother Nature prior to EMF and RF (radio frequency) pollution taking over biosphere.

Geomagnetic field supplementation with our pulsed electromagnetic sleep machine balances the energy levels at the sub-cellular level. We use extremely low frequencies in the range of 1 – 14.4 Hz. In fact, The BIOFIELD PEMF™ helps counter negative effects of EMF by giving the cells and the neuro system a good strong ground signal that makes the Wi-Fi cell tower down the street and etc. sound mild in comparison, it’s like trying to hear a flute through a platoon of trombones. Here are some related studies in our PEMF database: https://BIOFIELD No doubt the EP will be the strongest signal in the whole house; however, it won’t overcome your bed being in proximity to a refrigerator or a smart meter. It is too thick a field with both of those to be able to shield or overshadow and will NOT overcome a smart meter within 25 feet. The BIOFIELD PEMF™ provides a nice interruptive field here is a link that explains why :-> Electromagnetic noise inhibits radiofrequency radiation-induced DNA damage and reactive oxygen species – due to BIOFIELD PEMF™ constant stepping up / down. BIOFIELD PEMF™ is the perfect interruptive field for night-time or alert daytime use.

  1. Is the BIOFIELD PEMF™ safe for kids?

The BIOFIELD PEMF™ is safe for kids but must limit all night-exposure to air core electromagnet (80 gauss) through 6 inch mattress. Where mattress is under 5 inches place under bed on floor with core installed (CROSS-POLARIZING ring removed) on cardboard box under box spring. Higher amplitude applied all night could influence rate of growth. Air-core on floor under bed or crib for infants.


  1. Is the BIOFIELD PEMF™ safe for pets?

BIOFIELD PEMF™ is as good on pets as on humans.


  1. Is BIOFIELD PEMF™ compatible with Earthing?

Yes, completely different activity but highly compatible.

  1. Can I use the BIOFIELD PEMF™ for Lymes?

We don’t recommend using the BIOFIELD PEMF™ for Lymes. If you have known Lyme infection it is best to invest your money in the Bob Beck Protocol and resuming using your BIOFIELD PEMF™ only after you are completely recovered. The immune response is improved by BIOFIELD PEMF™ use so it fights most other infections just fine, it seems the only parasite that gives us notable issues is Lyme.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs DURING PURCHASE

  1. What payment methods are available?

We will send you the invoice with the payment link channels. Majority of the Credit Cards and Debit Cards worldwide are accepted on our payment gateway. Both of these payment channels enable you to pay by Credit/Debit Card. If for some reason your cc fails on the Credit Card option, use different card to pay.

  1. How much is the shipping?

We provide worldwide free shipping on all orders.

  1. Will I be charged a customs duty?

In most of the world you’ll be billed by the delivering courier for local customs duty and clearance fees a week or two after delivery. Domestic Import Duty / VAT are your responsibility & charged locally upon delivery.


Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs AFTER PURCHASE

  1. How do I test the magnet for output?

Once the controller is active and the blue diode is blinking, the magnet will have output. You can test it by holding the cross-polarity ring ¼ inch above the middle of the magnet as shown in the picture and you should be able to feel the field pulsing in time with the blue blinking diode.

  1. Can I exchange my BIOFIELD PEMF™ device?

We don’t have a trade in system for an upgrade or downgrade. We usually suggest our clients to resell their system online on eBay and purchase the upgraded model they want from us (we offer a 20% off on subsequent purchases). It might be even better to loan the extra system to family or friends.

  1. I am sleeping worse than before after using the BIOFIELD PEMF™. What should I do?

Cut frequency and amplitude by 50%; if still sleeping worse cut it by another 40% until you are sleeping at least as good as you were before. If you still sleep worse, you are very sensitive to our square, Nano-second rise wave form and you should remove all metal parts from the magnet and place Air-core electromagnet coil North “N” side up in the same place under your mattress. Start at 10% for a few nights hopefully sleeping as you were at baseline. Then increase 10% per night. You should be using Delta frequency settings only at 3 Hz or below.

Contact us on: if the above process does not solve your Acclimation / Agitation crisis at end point.


  1. What Is the Warranty of BIOFIELD PEMF™ Devices?

BIOFIELD PEMF devices warranty can be viewed at the warranty page. Please be sure to read it and save it to your computer during purchase.

  1. What Is The 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee?

If our technology and methods fail to satisfactorily enhance sleep and mental & physical performance within 90 days, please return it for refund of purchase price. You must establish tech support prior to return request, or 10% restocking fee will apply.

Device should be returned to us in ‘like new’ condition.


  1. Where to Find User Documentation?

Link to access user manuals is sent to you along with the order confirmation email. Please contact us if you can’t find it.

  1. How Can I Get Professional Help for Using My Device?

We strongly advise to thoroughly read through our user documentation.

If you still need help after following the user documentation correctly, you are free to raise a tech support request.

To make sure your 90-day money-back remains valid, contact us within 2 weeks if you do not see results. Again, raise a ticket with our tech support department.


  1. What is Friends and Family Discount?

Every time you place an order on our website, you immediately receive discount coupon codes.

These coupons can be utilized by your friends & family or yourself to obtain up to 20% discount on your next purchase. These coupons are valid for 365 days.

Affiliates and resellers are not eligible for this promotion. Referral rebates program cannot be combined with Friends & Family Discount coupons.

For all Biofield Systems – 10% Product Discount



If you did not find the answers you were looking for, please email us on: or use the form on the right to reach us. 


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