Tuning into Earth’s Energy Field

Just as vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and fatty acids are essential biochemical compounds that cannot be produced by our bodies naturally and must be consumed in the diet; our body also requires “geomagnetic vitamins” supplied by the Earth’s geomagnetic fields to keep our mitochondrial cells tuned properly, so that our cells naturally maintain high energetic profiles with low oxidative stress. Think of these geomagnetic vitamins as a tuning fork that keep our cells running most efficiently.

These “geomagnetic vitamins” are modernly overshadowed and drowned out; replaced by higher frequency radiations that down-grade our cells’ energetic properties and cause excess oxidative stress.

recharge your cells biofield

Your brain and body are the most sensitive antenna in the natural world. Our pineal gland (magnetite bearing tissue) and mitochondria act like antenna that appear to be specifically tuned to earth’s Schumann and geomagnetic resonances; they are crippled in the presence of radio frequency radiations.

Electric radiations and wireless technologies are one of the key catalysts in causing the health of humans and animals to break down catastrophically.


Man-made electric radiations essentially rob our natural ability to generate adenosine triphosphate (ATP the fuel that fires all cellular processes); and subsequently interfere with psychological, physiological, neurological and hormonal processes. Our body’s control and power generation mechanisms subsequently fail in unison. Health and vitality subsequently follow. The Radiation toxin is Aging you faster from the inside out – while making you fatigued, restless, hormonally challenged, depressed, overweight, achy and much more.

Radio Frequency Radiation Protection

Biofield PEMF reduces the production of oxidative electrons due to the metabolism of oxygen during oxidative phosphorylation. It mitigates the oxidative effects of the EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation). It provides a strong interruptive signal to the room, and it provides quite a bit more benefit in regard to avoiding oxidative mechanisms caused by EMR. Everyone needs an Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Systems to protect themselves.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Technology – PEMF as Disruptive Field for EMF Protection:

The detrimental effects are primarily due to EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation) at high frequency (out of the normal range of our stress-free brain-wave rhythms). Additionally the brain’s frequency following response causes the brain to pace these high frequency fields disrupting sleep and brainwave rhythms. These detrimental fields tend to raise brainwave frequency to unnaturally high Beta-rhythm thereby negatively affecting the brain’s ability to reach the adequate duration of Delta-rhythm at night or Alpha-rhythm during the day. Even the Schumann waves are changing due to the influx of Gigawatts of RF and microwave fields. Everyone needs an Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Systems to protect themselves.

Transform your Home / Lounge into an Well-being zone – Create your own “infrasonic cocoon” for relaxation and recovery. Heal your cells from Electromagnetic Radiations (EMR) in your own Environment Protected Zone. Your Home.

As the world is advancing towards IoT (Internet of Things) and the deployment of the 5G networks, the world is in need of the radiation protected zones more than ever.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field helps as ultimate protection from the harmful radiations emitted 24/7 by cellphone towers, WiFi, electronics and all other effects of constant radio frequency exposure that damages the cells in the body and can cause mental disorientation due to the constant alternating frequencies that disrupt the brainwaves and body’s biofield. Our Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency Technology allows you to transform any space into an  Electromagnetic Radiation(EMR) Protected Zone allowing your cells to heal itself naturally.

What is Well-being Zone and How does it work?

Biofield PEMF is the world’s only magnetic field enhancement technology allowing unique, long exposure to pure pulsating electromagnetic fields at this very precise earth’s natural magnetic fields at its optimal frequency; that transforms any living space into a Relaxation and Recovery Zone round the clock.

Being inside the infrasonic cocoon created by our system precisely “tuned” to Mother Nature’s very special low-low (infrasonic) frequency programs your brain and body to the earth’s natural frequency maintaining calm and relaxed feeling while tuning-up your body for energy production and enhancing cells’ oxygen metabolism to help promote huge gains in cellular energy and subsequently gains in; cell repair, immune function, memory consolidation and hormone production.

Our Home/Lounge system is the only technology on earth that allows you to enhance the natural magnetic field of any given indoor or outdoor space and tune into the earth’s natural rhythm.  Transform your kindergartens, schools or your homes into a bioelectromagnetic well-being, relaxation and recovery area. PEMFTEC is looking forward to transform Airport lounge areas, co-working spaces, hotels and resorts, cafes, sauna or a spa to help humans  tune themselves into the rhythm of the Planet Earth and advance the human evolution to the next frontier of higher human consciousness.

BIOFIELD PEMF 6 or 12 Electromagnet System is powered by 100v – 240v compatible 12 volt DC power supply with reduced EMF and RF.

24/7 Non-Stop Operation. Turn ON and keep it ON.

Designed and Tuned to imitate the 24/7 Resonant Frequency (Magnetic Field Of the Mother Earth) allowing you to transform any space into  an Infrasonic Cocoon for Cellular Regeneration and to act as the Environmental Protection Technology against all kinds of Electromagnetic Radiations emitted from electronics. Ideal for use at Home with Children’s and Pets Or Office/Lounge with Colleagues and Associates to be tuned to the precise frequency of life. Ideal for use in kindergartens, lounge, spas, gyms or any indoor or outdoor space. Living in “Tune” with the Earth and Each other does not get any better.

With our 90 Days results based warranty, try our systems Risk Free.

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