Brainwave and Biofield Security

Relax, sleep or be awake. Take control of your state of mind. take control of your life.
Brainwave and Biofield play an essential role in our daily life and state of our well-being.
Every single thing in existence has its own resonant frequency, non-living or alive. Your body and brain are highly electromagnetic in nature and is the most sensitive antenna known to receive and broadcast information, henceforth it picks up the frequencies from anything and everything.
In today’s world, we are living in an environment surrounded with extremely dense field of alternative electromagnetic frequencies that disrupt and disorient our brainwaves and our body’s natural resonant frequencies, which results in difficulty to focus or perform various daily tasks, due to feeling tired, fatigued or foggy, and it is certainly because of you experiencing excessive number of alternative frequencies you are receiving from your surroundings.

In order to perform a task with focus, your brainwave frequency must be in tune with the task at hand.
The ability to manually tune your brainwave into a specific hertz frequency (delta) for deep sleep or beta while awake gives you significant control over your state of mind. Your brain is able to focus better on performing tasks while it is operating on beta brainwave frequencies and while you are in a state of relaxation it functions on Theta or Alpha waves.
When your brainwave frequency is not in sync with the tasks that need to be performed, be it relaxing, sleeping or working, you are unable to attain the results due to brainwave frequency anytime, anywhere resulting in a better state of being.
Biofield pulsed electromagnetic device allows you to “tune into” a specific brainwave frequency and significantly secure the brainwave disruption or disorientation caused by alternative frequencies present in your environmental field, resulting in healthier management of your brain waves and providing unparalleled results to any other pulsed electromagnetic brainwave entrainment system ever developed.


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