Biofield is Beyond PEMF Therapy system.

Biofield “PEMF systems” are the most powerful wellbeing, biohacking and brainwave entrainment technology with proven benefits.  



BIOFIELD Portable “PEMF devices” are light weight and easily fit into your handbag yet designed to give you very powerful “PEMF” Pulsed Electromagnetic Field benefits. Anytime. Anywhere.

The only DIFFERENCE between BOTH Biofield Portable “PEMF devices” is ELECTROMAGNETS. The dual electromagnets system gives double Biomagnetic field coverage to your body.



The Program controller is same for both and comes with:

7 Algorithmic Programs: and the Frequency range is under 14.4 Hz, as our Pulsed electromagnetic field systems are designed to be utilized for up to 24hrs to mimic the nature. They are developed to be used as Bioelectromagnetic ‘living’ systems NOT ONLY AS “PEMF Therapy”.








The patented program modes in our portable systems allow up to 13 hours continuous application plus the MODULAR CROSS-POLARITY ELECTROMAGNET gives you an unusually wide variety of creative methods and techniques that lend themselves well to just about any practices or experimental use.






The ultimate goal of using a Biofield PEMF system is to acclimate your body and mind to use BIOFIELD MODE 24/7. Biofield Mode is ultimate for sleep, recovery, relaxation, self-healing, pain management as well as accelerated wound healing. Works the best to maintain our cellular voltage high at all times which is the key of using Pulsed electromagnetic field system.






RECOVER MODE makes an excellent sleep program if sleep is not too bad to begin with. If you did not attain sleep during initial session use Mode SLEEP WELL or SLEEP DEEP (delta) sleep) and intermittently use RECOVER Mode during power naps to try to acclimate brain to it.

The goal of using BIOFIELD system is sleeping in either RECOVER  or BIOFIELD MODE.

RECOVER – Mode is an excellent ‘powernap’ and used by many as their primary sleep-mode for maximum recovery, repair, strength, stamina & anti-aging.

Recover Mode is designed for RECOVERY of the body and mind for Up to 12 hours with wake-up phase and 1 extra hour Alert buffer whether set for 1, 2, 4, 8 or 12 hours. Perfect for power naps; or long duration sleep and recovery as well daytime use.





The Sleep Modes are designed to enable the user to entrain their brainwaves and correct the circadian rhythm while at the same time get deep synergistic cellular recovery and healing.


RECOVER MODE makes an excellent sleep program if sleep is not too bad to begin with. If you did not attain sleep during initial session, you may use SLEEP WELL or SLEEP DEEP modes and intermittently use RECOVER mode during power naps to try to acclimate your brainwave to it. The goal of using Biofield system is sleeping in either RECOVER Mode or THE ULTIMATE BIOFIELD MODE every night.

Only in-case you did not achieve desired sleep in RECOVER or BIOFIELD MODE you should try one of the SLEEP-MODES. 

SLEEP WELL and SLEEP DEEP MODES are programmed for the users to personally experiment and determine the SLEEP-MODE that suits him/her the best.


TIP: We recommend the user to drink plenty of water upon waking up as well during the day time to keep your body well hydrated for enhancing the benefits provided by Biofield PEMF system.

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The base atmospheric electromagnetic resonant frequency of 7.83 Hz. Can be used for Sleep, relaxation and meditation. It has been proven by scientific experiments that tuning into 7.83Hz, the planet’s own ionospheric magnetic frequency people experience benefits like enhanced learning/memory, body rejuvenation, balance, improved stress tolerance, anti-jetlag, anti-mind control, and grounding. On the other hand, experiments were done, where Schumann resonance, the exposure of 7.83 Hz frequency was removed from individual’s environment. The subjects reported migraine headaches, emotional distress, and other health problems. This shows how important it is to be in tune with the Earth’s ionospheric magnetic frequency.


FOCUS-MODE: (LOW-BETA) reduces physical and mental fatigue; use for recovery issues w/out causing drowsiness; used before or during sports training or during the break’s while in a match to retrain your brain for focus, as well to use at work desk to reduce neck and shoulder or back fatigue without causing drowsiness.

We recommend using FOCUS Mode for shorter duration sessions. BY DEFAULT, the FOCUS mode is designed for 20 Minutes, 40 Minutes or up to 1hr 30 Minutes Max at a time.



The Manual Mode Program is capable of delivering the entire range of beneficial Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields – 1 Hz – 14.4 Hz for up to 12 hours.

With the Manual Mode Program, you are free to experiment sleeping / recovering / meditating / studying etc. while tuning yourself to any one particular frequency. 

It may be one of the Schumann peaks at 1.5 Hz (1.2 Hz?) or 2.5 Hz (2.4 Hz?) or 7.8 Hz; or 9.6 Hz or 10 Hz (or any choice in between 1 Hz and 14.4 Hz). At end of set timer, the frequency shifts to 14.4 Hz to help you Awake. The 1 hour 14.4 Hz buffer effectively becomes the wake up part of program.

We find 2.4 Hz, 4.8 Hz and 9.6 Hz particularly good at recovering during the night and rarely ends up sleeping a full 8 hours without waking on his own long before the timer runs to wake up phase.

For feeling Focused use 12 – 14.4 Hz.

Use your creative freedom to conduct your own experiments with your body and brain and report back to us to help other users understand the effects. Each one of us is different. Feel free to share your experiences with us.





The human brain has been studied to operate at following Brain Wave Rhythms:

1 – 3 Hz = Delta rhythm

3 – 7 Hz = Theta rhythm

7 – 12 Hz = Alpha rhythm

12 – 14.1 Hz = (Low) Beta rhythm

15 Hz – 20 Hz = Mid to High-Beta & Gamma rhythm


1 – 3 Hz = Delta rhythm:

Associated with deep, rejuvenating sleep; respiration, heart-rate and brain activity slow thereby conserving energy that can be sequestered for repair, hormone synthesis, memory consolidation and immune function.


3 – 7 Hz = Theta rhythm:

Associated with lucid dreaming, sleep and other mental states where the mind is wandering; like dreaming, day-dreaming and imagination. Theta irregularity has been linked to several neurological disease states including; Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, Parkinson’s, MS, ADD, ADHD, schizophrenia, migraine, cluster and other headache symptoms.


7 – 12 Hz = Alpha rhythm:

Associated with relaxed, calm, and meditative state. Alpha rhythms also occur during sleep, particularly while falling asleep and again in morning prior to waking. Associated with thought process and heightened learning.


12 – 14.1 Hz = (Low) Beta rhythm:

12 Hz – 14.4 Hz, are “normal” waking rhythm and occur during concentration. Associated with alert, active thought-processing state with no stress. Frequencies above low-Beta (15 Hz) occur when excited or fearful.


15 Hz – 20 Hz Mid to High-Beta & Gamma rhythm:

>15 Hz Mid-Beta and then >20Hz High Beta with “Fight or Flight Response” and stress hormone production.

Unlike all other systems in this “field”, the Biofield™ entire frequency range is under 14.4 Hz and emphasizes known natural magnetic fields by spending double time on Schumann peaks.

Exposure to frequencies of 15 Hz and higher have been shown in Dozens of Animal Studies to cause negative behavioral modification; over 20 Hz causes stress hormone production.



Relax, sleep or be awake. Take control of your state of mind. Take control of your life.

Brainwaves and Biofield play an essential role in our daily life and state of our well-being.


Every single thing in existence has its own resonant frequency, non-living or alive. Your body and brain are highly electromagnetic in nature and is the most sensitive antenna known to receive and broadcast information, henceforth it picks up the frequencies from anything and everything.


In today’s world, we are living in an environment surrounded with extremely dense field of alternative electromagnetic frequencies that disrupt and disorient our brainwaves and our body’s biofield frequencies, which results in difficulty to focus or perform various daily tasks, due to feeling tired, fatigued or foggy, and that is certainly because of your body and brain experiencing excessive number of alternative frequencies you are receiving from your surroundings.


In order to perform a task with focus, your brainwave frequency must be in tune with the task at hand.

The ability to manually tune your brainwave into a specific hertz frequency (Delta) for deep sleep or Beta while awake gives you significant control over your state of mind. Your brain is able to focus better on performing tasks while it is operating on Beta brainwave frequencies and while you are in a state of relaxation it functions on Theta or Alpha Brainwaves.

Biofield pulsed electromagnetic device allows you to “tune into” a specific brainwave frequency and significantly secure the brainwave disruption or disorientation caused by alternative frequencies present in your environmental field, resulting in healthier management of your brainwaves (state of mind) and providing unparalleled results to any other pulsed electromagnetic brainwave entrainment system ever developed on earth.

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