Biofield Portable (BioPort) “PEMF Therapy device” is designed and developed to be the world‘s most efficient PEMF therapy device focused on single and most dominant factor of using pulsed electromagnetic field therapy; Higher Cellular Voltage Maintenance to help the body heal itself naturally. Anytime, anywhere. Yet, the most cost efficient PEMF device with a vision to provide the benefits of PEMF technology to those who need the most with biological results unparalleled to any other portable PEMF device ever developed on earth. 

As the world is advancing towards IoT (Internet of Things), the deployment of 5G networks and lower earth orbit satellites grid, growing trends of artificial intelligence, virtual reality and the endless use of electrical systems that have detrimental effects upon sleep patterns and our cells’ power generating capacity and as well as our mental health, our world is in need of organic self-healing technology more than ever…



Biofield “24/7” Pulsed electromagnetic system is the new frontier of human potential and intelligence providing multi-dimensional biohacking, a combination of physical and mental performance enhancement helping us break the boundaries and deception of the matrix.




Biofield ’24/7′ is beyond “PEMF Therapy” system – It’s the world’s ultimate ‘geomagnetic field supplementation’ technology for transforming any living spaces into self-healing spaces “24/7”.

Being inside the infrasonic cocoon created by Biofield “pemf” system precisely “tuned” to Mother Nature’s very special low-low (infrasonic) frequency programs your brain and body to the earth’s natural biorhythmic frequency maintaining calm and relaxed feeling while tuning-up your body for energy production and enhancing cells’ oxygen metabolism to help promote huge gains in cellular energy and subsequently gains in, cell repair, immune function, memory consolidation and hormone production. Biofield “PEMF” is beyond “pemf therapy”.


Biofield ’24/7′ “PEMF” system – for protection from Environmental Radiation

Biofield ’24/7′ Pulsed Electromagnetic Field – system creates a ‘living environment’ that reduces the production of oxidative electrons due to the metabolism of oxygen during oxidative phosphorylation. It mitigates the oxidative effects of the EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation). It provides a strong interruptive signal to the room, and it provides more benefit in regard to avoiding oxidative mechanisms caused by ’24/7′ Electromagnetic Radiations in our living environments. Protection from Radio Frequency Radiations and the security of your brainwaves and biofield is a life necessity, not an option.

Biofield tunes your cells to produce more energy required for night-time repair, memory consolidation, immune function and hormone production; and during the day for outstanding vitality and enhanced physical and mental performance.

Our Biofield ’24/7′ “PEMF” system comes with 6 or 12 Electromagnets and is the world’s only magnetic field enhancement technology that operates 24/7 non-stop for years allowing unique, long exposure to pure pulsating electromagnetic fields at this very precise earth’s natural magnetic field at its optimal frequency, transforming any living space into an ‘infrasonic cocoon’ for effortless Relaxation, Recharge, Recovery and Healing.

Biofield ‘24/7 wellness’ “PEMF” system is a necessity in every living space for your progressive wellbeingSecure your biofield and brainwaves within your environment and enhance the experience of your true energetic nature as the beings of frequency. Privatize and govern your personal field.

Migrate yourself to an “alternative field of existence” to live a healthy and wealthy life within the earth’s biosphere. Living and healing in “Tune” with the Earth and Each other does not get any better.



Biofield ’24/7′ system is beyond “PEMF Therapy”, it is the world’s only pulsed electromagnetic “field immersion technology” .


Biofield ’24/7′ “PEMF” system enhances our life’s immersive regenerative experience enabling to interact and augment the matrix of existential reality by letting us control the frequency of our environment to maintain higher cellular voltage.


Higher voltage in the cells results in amplified resonance of your biofield and neuronal activities in the brain when thoughts are processed, letting the frequency signal of our thoughts, feelings and emotions to be stronger henceforth better at overlapping/overwriting the environmental signals.


Integrate your personal being on a cellular level to the frequency of the planet and with its symbiosis experience the regeneration of the body and mind; while conquering the negative frequencies that hinder our body and soul to manifest its highest potential. Augment your reality.


Biofield PEMF is a Multidimensional Wellbeing System that provides all the practical uses and benefits of a PEMF Therapy system.

“The universe is a single living creature that contains all living creatures within it.” ~ Plato

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ~ Nikola Tesla

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