“PEMF” for Sleep, Recovery & Wellbeing

Biofield “PEMF” allows all-night-long exposure to pure pulsating magnetic fields at the optimal frequency range tune-down your brainwave for better sleep while improving nighttime recovery and tune-up your mitochondria for improved daytime performance.

“PEMF” Fitness & Sports Performance Enhancement

Biofield “PEMF” increases strength by 10% and stamina by 20% within the first 7 – 10 days. Changes include an improvement in strength to weight ratio, speed, quickness, hand-eye-motor coordination, mental focus and significantly accelerates short- and long-term recovery mechanisms.

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“PEMF” for Longevity (anti-aging)

Biofield “PEMF” represents nothing less than a breakthrough in the science of mitochondrial support and anti-ageing. It reverses symptoms of aging, and the NASA research points to potential reversal of aging markers all the way down to the DNA level.

Biofield “PEMF” for Sexual Performance Enhancement

Biofield “PEMF” supports youthful systemic endocrine function while helping body restore blood flow to those body parts that rely on extra blood circulation at all the right times! Feel the love everyday…

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Biofield “PEMF” is the world’s ultimate Radiation Protection and Brainwave Security system

Biofield “PEMF” (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) reduces the production of oxidative electrons due to the metabolism of oxygen during oxidative phosphorylation. It mitigates the oxidative effects of the EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation). It provides a strong interruptive signal to the room, and it provides more benefit in regard to avoiding oxidative mechanisms caused by EMR. Protection from Radio Frequency Radiations is a life necessity, not an option.

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Biofield “PEMF” for Pets

Biofield “PEMF” is loved by pets all over the world. Pulsed Electromagnetic field works just as well on pets as it does on humans…perhaps even better. Our unique combination of pulsed electromagnetic anti-aging and recovery benefits will be noticeable in just a few weeks. Biofield “PEMF” provides the most convenient manner of providing pulsed electromagnetic fields for your pet. NO supervision is required.

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Biofield “PEMF” The Most Effective Jetlag and Hang-over Prophylactic on Earth

No Jet lag…No Hangovers…Better sleep and recovery guaranteed. In addition to helping you sleep, Biofield “PEMF” quickly tunes your cells to produce more energy (required for the production of hormones and neurotransmitter chemicals) and helps detoxify. These synergistic effects will elevate your mood and wake you up clear headed ready for the day.

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“PEMF” for Meditation and Yoga

Biofield “PEMF” amplifies body’s biomagnetic fields  by  precisely “tuning” it to Mother Nature’s very special low-low (infrasonic) frequencies during meditation or yoga or by letting you to manually entrain the brainwaves and bio-fields to the desired frequencies. BioField is the world’s ultimate pulsed electromagnetic brainwave entrainment system that allows you to take control of your state of mind. Anywhere. Anytime.

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“PEMF” for Mood Enhancement

In addition to helping you sleep, Biofield “PEMF” quickly tune cells to produce more energy with less oxidative waste, thereby enhancing natural cellular detox. This excess energy enhances production of hormones and neurotransmitter chemicals. These synergistic effects elevate mood.
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Cognitive Enhancement 

With Biofield “PEMF” achieve superb mental health and improve focus, intelligence and mental productivity without using Nootropics or Smart Drugs READ MORE

”PEMF” for Pain Management by promoting tissue regeneration

Rather than providing symptomatic relief of pain, Biofield “PEMF” promotes ATP production and enhanced blood & tissue oxygen for accelerated healing of damaged and debilitated cells. 


”PEMF” for Consciousness Upgrade

Biofield “PEMF” helps in maintaining relaxed mind states for contemplation and stimulates nano magnetite crystals in our brain when applied regularly from under the pillow. Application of pulsed magnetic fields to the human brain is known to stimulate the pineal gland ‘the seat of human consciousness’.

Biofield “PEMF” system keeps your brainwaves and biofield safe and secure, or rather helps you become more AWARE of the external frequency interference in your environment. Biofield “PEMF” equipped living spaces tuned to the optimal frequency helps you to be focused more on your original self-existential consciousness and helps you being focused in the NOW, like the nature. Being in tune with your truest biocosmic self.

Brainwave Synchrony and Entrainment using Biofield “PEMF Device” 

As you are reading this, it’s very likely that your brain activity is in some ways is very similar to how ours is now while we’re writing about this. Yes, it’s true that patterns of activity and Brain waves can sync up in the brain and this happens typically during social interactions like if we’re collaborating on a task or listening to someone or while playing a musical duet together, our brains might also sync up, we believe this brain synchrony can facilitate social bonding, OfCourse the more synchronized we are the more we’re on the same page. In educational settings better outcomes with greater brain synchrony between teacher and student or in therapeutic settings between therapist and patient or in any home settings between the family members or in an office setting among the colleagues working together on a project. This brain synchrony is really best achieved in face-to-face interactions that can also extend to video calls, Biofield PEMF allows you to manually tune your brainwaves to synch up with others and significantly increase better level of understanding between each other’s leading to better outcomes in all walks of our life avoiding conflicts and misunderstanding in almost all settings.

For example, just as your regular communication devices facilitate you to physically connect via voice and videos with others, similarly Biofield PEMF brainwave entrainment allows you to manually tune or synchronize your brainwave activity with others whether face to face in the same space or far away on the other side of the continent, (provided both are using Biofield PEMF system and tuning into same brainwave frequency,). Being in tune with each other does not get any better, while simultaneously providing healing and recovery benefits to the users.

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Brainwave Entrainment will quickly explain brainwavesbrainwave entrainment, its benefits and uses, and how “pulsed electromagnetic fields” are the most effective and efficient method of brainwave entrainment. READ MORE


Tuning into Earth’s Biomagnetic Field with Biofield “PEMF”

Just as vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and fatty acids are essential biochemical compounds that cannot be produced by our bodies naturally and must be consumed in the diet; our body also requires “geomagnetic vitamins” supplied by the Earth’s geomagnetic fields to keep our mitochondrial cells tuned properly, so that our cells naturally maintain high energetic profiles with low oxidative stress. Think of these geomagnetic vitamins as a tuning fork that keep our cells running most efficiently.

These “geomagnetic vitamins” are modernly overshadowed and drowned out; replaced by higher frequency radiations that down-grade our cells’ energetic properties and cause excess oxidative stress.



Your brain and body are the most sensitive antenna in the natural world. Our pineal gland (magnetite bearing tissue) and mitochondria act like antenna that appear to be specifically tuned to earth’s Schumann and geomagnetic resonances; they are crippled in the presence of radio frequency radiations.

Electric radiations and wireless technologies are one of the key catalysts in causing the health of humans and animals to break down catastrophically.



Man-made electric radiations essentially rob our natural ability to generate adenosine triphosphate (ATP the fuel that fires all cellular processes); and subsequently interfere with psychological, physiological, neurological and hormonal processes. Our body’s control and power generation mechanisms subsequently fail in unison. Health and vitality subsequently follow. The Radiation toxin is Aging you faster from the inside out – while making you fatigued, restless, hormonally challenged, depressed, overweight, achy and much more.



Biofield ’24/7′ “PEMF” system – The world’s ultimate ‘geomagnetic field supplementation’ technology for transforming living spaces into self-healing spaces.

Being inside the infrasonic cocoon created by Biofield “pemf” system precisely “tuned” to Mother Nature’s very special low-low (infrasonic) frequency programs your brain and body to the earth’s natural biorhythmic frequency maintaining calm and relaxed feeling while tuning-up your body for energy production and enhancing cells’ oxygen metabolism to help promote huge gains in cellular energy and subsequently gains in, cell repair, immune function, memory consolidation and hormone production. Biofield “PEMF” is beyond “pemf therapy”.


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