Biofield “Equine PEMF” system allows you to transform any regular stalls, barns or paddocks into a built in ’24/7′ pulsating earth’s magnetic field enhanced stables at its optimal biorhythmic frequency.



Biofield is the world’s ultimate and only pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) stables system providing multi-dimensional biohacking, a combination of physical and mental performance enhancement, accelerated recovery, cellular regeneration, athletic performance enhancement and longevity (anti-aging) of equines.




How does it work?

The horses being inside the infrasonic cocoon created by Biofield “PEMF” System precisely “tuned” to Mother Nature’s very special low-low (infrasonic) frequency programs the equine brain and body to the earth’s natural frequency maintaining calm and relaxed feeling while tuning-up their body for energy production and enhancing cells’ oxygen metabolism to help promote huge gains in cellular energy and subsequently gains in; cell repair, immune function, memory consolidation and hormone production.



This is beyond “PEMF therapy for horses”,  Biofield “Equine PEMF” Stables system is designed to effortlessly operate ’24/7′ non-stop every day, the magnetic field resonating from the regular stable mats on the stall flooring for relaxation and recovery before or after exercise and every night / day to relax and reinforce a healthy, predator-free circadian rhythm. 



Operating is as easy as switching ON/OFF, Designed and developed for standing our horses ’24/7′ under the influence of pulsating electromagnetic frequency for re-energizing the cells around the clock and keep them revitalized with readiness.




Please see the above images of Biofield Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (Generator) Control unit that comes with 12 Electromagnets that are embedded into your regular stable mats, incase you need to transfer the system in a different stall or stables; you can either move the stable mats or disable the the electromagnets from the mats. Tech-Support email: 


What do I expect by application of Biofield “Equine PEMF” stables system?

  • Higher cellular Voltage

  • Increased organic energy production within the cells

  • Easy Enhanced performance

  • Better blood circulation

  • Better recovery times (For both Performance and Injuries)

  • Better immune function

  • Better rest and recovery

  • Better tendons recovery 


  • Improved Max speeds & Stamina

  • Improved cognition and neuroplasticity (Neurogenesis at it’s finest)

  • Improved calmness for race horses

  • Improved resistance against injuries and faster recovery

  • Lower vet bills

  • We guarantee your horses are going to love it, and increases peak performance by few seconds (at least) of their best times.


  • Increases the overall athletic life cycle of the animal (Number of performance years) Biofield “equine PEMF” is the world’s only bioelectromagnetic equine anti-aging technology

  • Helps horses relax and reinforce a healthy, predator-free circadian rhythm and guard against any disruptions ​

  • Biofield “Equine PEMF” equipped stables are the ultimate protection from the harmful radiations emitted ’24/7′ by satellites, cellphone towers, Wi-Fi Masts and all other sources of constant radio frequency exposure (that damages the cells in the body of your horse and can cause long term negative effects) ​


  • Provides Higher Cellular Voltage security to all the trillions of cells making up your horse. Higher the cellular voltage, better the performance, that’s what Biofield Biomagnetic stables are designed for; Better performance every time.

  • Biofield “Equine PEMF” Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Technology acts as foundational base for recovery, performance and overall equine wellbeing by energizing the cells and stimulating body’s ability to heal itself…

  • Absolute 21st century necessity for all kinds of athletic performance horses



When the horses, grooms, owners, trainers, riders and jockeys or the polo players are all tuned into the earth’s biorhythm and are in harmony with the earth and each other, the ‘paradigm shift’ occurs. The infrasonic cocoon created by Biofield system each night or day, precisely “tuned” to Mother Nature’s very special low-low (infrasonic) frequencies will leave you and your horses feeling clear headed sharp, full of energy and with a renewed zest for life. Live, play and race in your own visionary field.



  • Naturally Enhanced mental communication between horse and rider. Our -ALERT- switch allows to Entrain your equine’s brainwave rhythm to ALERT to enhance the focus of your horse during training sessions.

  • Owners, Grooms, Riders, Jockeys and polo players can also take advantage of Biofield technology by using our home system for better sleep, accelerated recovery and performance enhancement, to live in tune with the earth and each other.

  • Click here to read about the performance enhancement advantages for players, jockeys and riders.


Biofield Stables for Breeders:

  • Breeders can take advantage of shortened gestation period in broodmares  

  • Birth of naturally healthy foals without any delivery assistance

  • Significantly faster recovery of Broodmares after delivering the foals

  • Improved resistance against infections after birth 

  • Significantly faster growth of the foals with holistically better health and wellness

  • and much more…


What’s Different?

Biofield “Equine PEMF” stables System outperforms other expensive, labor intensive (supervision required “PEMF therapy for horses”) magnetic equine systems.

Biofield “equine pemf” stables system is the world’s only Magnetic Field Enhancement system precisely “tuned” to Mother Nature’s very special low-low (infrasonic) frequency.

Biofield “PEMF” has identified the exact frequency, wave-form, amplitude and length of exposure required to make your horse perform like it’s got tireless lungs and muscles.


Biofield “equine pemf” stables technology is beyond “pemf therapy” for horses, our equine owners are practically performing Quantum Equine Epigenetic Engineering (QEE) on their horses. A re-programming of equine genetic codes without mutilation. An electromagnetic frequency tuning of horses using brainwave and bioelectromagnetic fields around the clock which achieves space age performance enhancement and recovery parameters.


Biofield Equine Bioelectromagnetic stables are the ultimate equine biohacking and performance enhancement technology for any futurist equine sports visionary to discover, an advanced equine performance enhancement technology for keeping your equine athletes healthier, happier, smarter, faster, tireless and younger.

Biofield “Equine PEMF” / bioelectromagnetic stables are beyond “PEMF Therapy for horses”.

Upregulating mitochondrial biogenesis. Quantum equine epigenetic engineering at its finest.

Biofield “equine pemf” stables application system is the planetary breakthrough and sets a new benchmark in the field of equine pulsed electromagnetics and global equine sports technologies research and development.


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