Biofield is a new concept of survival.

Biofield “PEMF Therapy Devices” are a better way of Living, Sleeping, Performing & Aging. 

Our Biofield™ “PEMF devices” help you and your beloved ones to stay Healthier, Happier, Smarter, Stronger and Live Longer. Nothing works like Biofield “PEMF” for Better Sleep, Faster Recovery, Relaxation, Longevity (anti-aging) and Performance Enhancement benefits.

Biofield provides Holistic well-being at its finest.

empowering the evolution

Biofield “PEMF” creates an environment where body and mind thrive.

The infrasonic cocoon created by Biofield Pulsed Electromagnetic Field system each night or day, precisely “tuned” to Mother Nature’s very special low-low (infrasonic) frequencies will leave you feeling clear headed, sharp, full of energy, and with a renewed zest for life.

Turbo-charge your cells everyday

We are surrounded by electric and wireless radio-frequency telecommunication devices 24/7 that have detrimental effect upon sleep patterns and our cells’ power generating capacity.

Biofield “PEMF devices” makes power frequency, microwave telecommunication and all other electropollution relatively harmless, allows much deeper sleep and far more cellular energy for enhanced immune function, memory consolidation, hormone production and daytime vitality.



Turbo-charge your cells everyday

Biofield PEMF Therapy Devices

Biofield tunes your cells to produce more energy required for night-time repair, memory consolidation, immune function and hormone production; and during the day for outstanding vitality and enhanced physical and mental performance.

Sleep, Recovery and Wellbeing

Biofield “PEMF” allows all-night-long exposure to pure pulsating magnetic fields at the optimal frequency range tune-down your brainwave for better sleep while improving nighttime recovery and tune-up your mitochondria for improved daytime performance.
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Fitness & Sports Performance Enhancement

Biofield “PEMF” increases strength by 10% and stamina by 20% within the first 7 – 10 days. Changes include an improvement in strength to weight ratio, speed, quickness, hand-eye-motor coordination, mental focus and significantly accelerates short- and long-term recovery mechanisms.

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Longevity (anti-aging)

Biofield “PEMF” represents nothing less than a breakthrough in the science of mitochondrial support and anti-ageing. It reverses symptoms of aging, and the NASA research points to potential reversal of aging markers all the way down to the DNA level.
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PEMF Therapy Devices

Biofield “PEMF” (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) Systems are beyond “PEMF Therapy”. We have made benefiting from pulsed electromagnetic fields effortless.

Biofield allows you to turn a quilt into a padded “PEMF” Mat OR transform your bed into a Pulsed electromagnetic system to biohack sleep, performance enhancement and slow down the ageing simply by going to your existing bed or relaxing in the comfort of your sofa or anywhere else…



Beyond PEMF Therapy Devices

Our Biofield ’24/7′ “PEMF” system comes with 6 or 12 Electromagnets and is the world’s only magnetic field enhancement technology that operates 24/7 non-stop for years allowing unique, long exposure to pure pulsating electromagnetic fields at this very precise earth’s natural magnetic field at its optimal frequency, transforming any living space into an ‘infrasonic cocoon’ for effortless Relaxation, Recharge, Recovery and Healing.



Biofield ’24/7′ system is beyond “PEMF Therapy”, it is the world’s only pulsed electromagnetic “field immersion” technology, that enhances our life’s immersive regenerative experience enabling to interact and augment the matrix of existential reality by letting us control the frequency of our environment, and be in harmony with it, while maintaining higher cellular voltage in our bodies.

Biofield PEMF is a multidimensional wellbeing system that provides all the practical uses and benefits of a PEMF Therapy system.




Biofield™ “PEMF devices” have been available since 2006; upgraded based on our customer support, progress tracking feedback form, and our own research, development and experimentation into pulsed electromagnetic frequencies and magnetic fields working on nearly everyone.




Biofield PEMF systems are a visionary pursuit to create hallmarks of frequency medicine, preventive care and holistic wellbeing enhancement.

The primordial difference between Biofield PEMF and others, is the Product Vision.

We are very determined to design and develop the most advanced, efficient and versatile Pulsed Electromagnetic Field systems within the earth’s biosphere.


Biofield is the world’s ultimate Radiation Protection and Brainwave Security system

Biofield “PEMF” (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) reduces the production of oxidative electrons due to the metabolism of oxygen during oxidative phosphorylation. It mitigates the oxidative effects of the EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation). It provides a strong interruptive signal to the room, and it provides more benefit in regard to avoiding oxidative mechanisms caused by EMR. Protection from Radio Frequency Radiations is a life necessity, not an option.

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Biofield “PEMF” for Pets

Biofield “PEMF” is loved by pets all over the world. Pulsed Electromagnetic field works just as well on pets as it does on humans…perhaps even better. Our unique combination of pulsed electromagnetic anti-aging and recovery benefits will be noticeable in just a few weeks. Biofield “PEMF device” provides the most convenient manner of providing pulsed electromagnetic fields for your pet. NO supervision is required.

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Biofield “PEMF” for Sexual Performance Enhancement

Biofield “PEMF” supports youthful systemic endocrine function while helping body restore blood flow to those body parts that rely on extra blood circulation at all the right times! Feel the love everyday…

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It is not a surprising technology; it’s an ancient technology, does it surprise you of the fact that our earth operates on a magnetic field? it’s a raw fact, you need not have to sound commercial about it, your communication has to be raw, just like the earth, earth is raw. To say the least Biofield can maybe be considered as a ‘life support’ system.

John Stockwell Samuels 3rd – USA

Healing by activation of the electromagnetic human field. A close family member of mine has developed Parkinson … at a relatively early stage of the visible symptoms, the active women in her early seventies, started to use Biofield 2 magnets electromagnetic system. After few weeks of continues daily use, she was again able to smell and taste – senses which were lost for some time … she has improved her ability to hear, and do not use any hearing equipment any longer … still she is shaking at her right hand, this unpleasant symptom is getting a bit better, and she is again able to write by holding a pen … so the overall well-being has significantly improved by using Biofield electromagnetic systems as healing .. We are so pleased and thankful for the magnificent embodiment created by the invisible 🙏🏻Heidi – Norway

Hi, feeling well. I am sleeping very well now with the device, and this is without the melatonin. I stopped taking it the very first night. I keep it on all the time as much as possible and so far, all is well. I will continue to use it daily to get the full benefits over time. I’ll see how things are after 3 months.

Meghan – Canada


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Biofield Equine Bioelectromagnetic stables are the ultimate equine biohacking and performance enhancement technology for any futurist equine sports visionary to discover, an advanced equine performance enhancement technology for keeping your equine athletes healthier, happier, smarter, faster, tireless and younger.

Biofield “Equine PEMF” / bioelectromagnetic stables are beyond “PEMF Therapy for horses”.

Upregulating mitochondrial biogenesis. Quantum equine epigenetic engineering at its finest.

Biofield “equine pemf” stables application system is the planetary breakthrough and sets a new benchmark in the field of equine pulsed electromagnetics and global equine sports technologies research and development.

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