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What is
Biofield PEMF?

Biofield “PEMF therapy devices” interact with the body’s natural electromagnetic field, projecting pulsed electromagnetic signals harnessing the force of nature and neuroscience at optimal frequencies, to rebalance and tune your body and mind. Encouraging your body’s natural recovery by helping stimulate the body’s natural healing process, improve circulation, reduce inflammation, induce cellular repair, hormonal balance, as well as host of other benefits. PEMF is considered a form of frequency medicine. It is based on physics rather than chemical interactions, which are the basis of most conventional medicines. This makes it a non-invasive and non-chemically dependent approach to health and wellness.

“Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies.” 

— Albert Einstein


What is PEMF

PEMF stands for “Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields”, sometimes referred to as magnetotherapy. Our devices emit pulsed electromagnetic waves at optimal frequencies to encourage your body’s natural recovery. The foundation for PEMF therapy lies in the understanding of bioelectromagnetic fields, which have been studied and explored by scientists since the late 18th century. Electromagnetic fields are generated by the movement of electric charges, and they are a fundamental aspect of physics. PEMF devices produce a magnetic field that induces currents to flow in nearby tissues and promote various physiological effects. This is proven to jump-start various healing processes in the body, from cellular repair to hormonal balance. It’s a type of treatment that involves the use of electromagnetic fields to improve overall health and well-being.


Why choose our technology

Biofield PEMF has identified the precise frequency, waveform, amplitude, and length of exposure required to achieve unparalleled biological results. Our product design, application functionality and technical specifications allow our technology to go beyond the PEMF therapy application providing overall better biological results than any other PEMF device on earth. At Biofield PEMF, we realize that our clients place their trust in us when using our products. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest moral and ethical standard through ongoing research and development that allows us to design and develop our technology to the ultimate standard in consideration of our customer’s health and well-being.

What does this mean?

At Biofield PEMF, we take the Mitochondrial vitality very seriously. Oxidation is the major cause of cells to be drained of energy, resulting eventually in cell death. Being inside the infrasonic cocoon created by Biofield “pemf” system precisely “tuned” to Mother Nature’s very special low-low (infrasonic) frequency programs your brain and body to the earth’s natural biorhythmic frequency maintaining calm and relaxed feeling while tuning-up your body for energy production and enhancing cells’ oxygen metabolism to help promote huge gains in cellular energy and subsequently gains in, cell repair, immune function, memory consolidation and hormone production. Biofield “PEMF” is beyond “pemf therapy”.


“Our entire biological system, the brain and the earth itself, work on the same frequencies.”

— Nikola Tesla

Benefits of Biofield PEMF


Improves sleep quality by balancing and restoring natural sleep cycles while waking you up with enhanced recovery.


Improves mood and aids overall mental well-being

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Naturally boosts physical and mental performance

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Experience a calming effect and reduced stress!


Helps with cellular recovery & longevity benefits.


Effective protection from harmful electromagnetic fields and frequencies (EMF)

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Biofield ’24/7′ system is beyond “PEMF Therapy”.

It is the world’s only pulsed electromagnetic “field immersion” technology, that enhances our life’s immersive regenerative experience enabling to interact and augment the matrix of existential reality, by letting us set the brainwave frequency and taking control of the state of our mind and the frequency signals in your own environment, and be in harmony with it, while maintaining higher cellular voltage in our bodies “24/7”.

Biofield PEMF is a multidimensional wellbeing system that provides all the practical uses and benefits of a “PEMF Therapy” system.






It is not a surprising technology; it’s an ancient technology, does it surprise you of the fact that our earth operates on a magnetic field? it’s a raw fact, you need not have to sound commercial about it, your communication has to be raw, just like the earth, earth is raw. To say the least Biofield can maybe be considered as a ‘life support’ system.

John Stockwell Samuels 3rd – USA

Healing by activation of the electromagnetic human field. A close family member of mine has developed Parkinson … at a relatively early stage of the visible symptoms, the active women in her early seventies, started to use Biofield 2 magnets electromagnetic system. After few weeks of continues daily use, she was again able to smell and taste – senses which were lost for some time … she has improved her ability to hear, and do not use any hearing equipment any longer … still she is shaking at her right hand, this unpleasant symptom is getting a bit better, and she is again able to write by holding a pen … so the overall well-being has significantly improved by using Biofield electromagnetic systems as healing .. We are so pleased and thankful for the magnificent embodiment created by the invisible 🙏🏻Heidi – Norway

Hi, feeling well. I am sleeping very well now with the device, and this is without the melatonin. I stopped taking it the very first night. I keep it on all the time as much as possible and so far, all is well. I will continue to use it daily to get the full benefits over time. I’ll see how things are after 3 months.

Meghan – Canada


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Biofield “Equine PEMF” stables are beyond “PEMF Therapy for horses”.

We are upregulating mitochondrial biogenesis providing Quantum Equine Epigenetic Engineering (QEE) at its finest.

Biofield “equine pemf” stables application system is the breakthrough in PEMF industry and sets a new benchmark in the field of equine pulsed electromagnetics and equine sports technologies research and development worldwide.

Biofield Equine Bioelectromagnetic stables systems are the ultimate equine biohacking and performance enhancement technology for any futurist equine sports visionary to discover, an advanced equine performance enhancement technology for keeping your equine athletes healthier, happier, smarter, faster, tireless and younger.


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